A guarantee for subassemblies purchased in PLC Connex

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A guarantee for subassemblies purchased in PLC Connex

All new and used products delivered by us will be covered by 12 months’ guarantee, which may be extended up to 36 months.

  1. PLC Connex grants a guarantee of efficient operation, i.e. operation that, in all relevant aspects, complies with the description and specifications of the manufacturer of new products within the period of 12mmonths from issue of an invoice.
  2. PLC Connex grants a guarantee of efficient operation for used goods within the period of 12mmonths from issue of an invoice.
  3. The guarantee may be renewed twice by subsequent 12 months’ periods. The maximum period of guarantee is 36 months. Each subsequent renewals of the period of guarantee by 12 months will require a payment of 20% of the value of goods or services.
  4. During the period of guarantee and upon terms specified in the rules, in case of any failure, PLC Connex relies on gratuitous service repair or, at the discretion of PLC Connex, replacement of goods for their equivalents or, in case of absence of an equivalent, for a substitute. If it is impossible to repair goods or there is no equivalent/substitute for the same, the customer will be offered reimbursement of the price paid for the goods/services.
  5. The period of guarantee will not be subject to renewal by a period starting on the day of notification of the need to make repair to PLC Connex and ending on the day, on which a person entitled under the guarantee will be notified by PLC Connex about completion of repair.
  6. If, as a result of fulfilment obligations resulting from these conditions of guarantee a customer has received new goods or an equivalent/substitute of the same, the period of guarantee shall not start to run anew from the customer’s receipt of the goods or an equivalent/substitute of the same.
  7. During the period of guarantee, a customer will be obliged not notify PLC Connex in writing of inefficient operation of goods received immediately, however, no later than within 7 days from the day, on which he learnt about the inefficient operation of the goods under the pain of losing rights under the guarantee.
  8. A customer will deliver goods to PLC Connex at his own account.
  9. Goods covered by guarantee will be repaired within 3 months from delivery of the same.
  10. Any parts replaced during repair made by PLC Connex under guarantee will be new and constitute an exact equivalent or substitute of parts to be replaced.
  11. Goods should be used for their intended purposes and in adherence to conditions of the operation manual. In case of any doubts relating to assembly (installation), use or maintenance of goods, a customer should consult PLC Connex.
  12. Any repairs of goods during the period of guarantee as made by persons other than employees of PLC Connex will cause invalidation of rights under the guarantee.
  13. Rights under the guarantee will also be lost, if goods delivered to PLC Connex bear traces of interference of third parties other than employees of PLC Connex and, if any security seals are broken or damaged.
  14. The guarantee will not cover:
    1. any damage or failure of goods caused by a user as a result of inappropriate use or use contrary to the instruction manual, which also applies to installation and maintenance of the goods;
    2. damage to goods caused by use of the same in a manner contrary to intended purposes;
    3. damage to goods caused by inappropriate installation or installation contrary to the installation manual, including installation made by persons, who do not hold necessary licences (qualifications);
    4. damage to goods caused by a user as a result of use of inappropriate consumables;
    5. maintenance activities provided for in the instruction manual;
    6. damage to goods caused as a result of repair of the same by persons other than employees of PLC Connex;
    7. conversions or structural changes of goods as made by persons other than employees of PLC Connex;
    8. damage to goods caused by external factors (lightning strikes, inappropriate operation of electrical energy, water supply, sewage or power energy networks);
    9. damage to goods caused during delivery of the same to a customer as a result of inappropriate securing of the goods;
    10. glass parts and light bulbs.
  15. In case of any unjustified request for repair, a customer will bear any costs connected with delivery of goods, repair and collection of the same.
  16. Unjustified request for repair of goods shall be deemed, in particular, a request for removal of damage or performance of maintenance activities that are not covered by the guarantee as well as a request for repair despite loss or guarantee rights.
  17. Equipment delivered by a customer should be protected appropriately against any damage during transport.
  18. Appropriate protection will include original factory packaging with any security seals found as of collection of goods by a customer from PLC Connex.
  19. In case of a customer’s failure to use factory packaging for equipment, including all the above-mentioned security seals, the customer will bear all risks connected with damage of the equipment delivered to PLC Connex during transport of the same.

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