Methods of delivery of parts purchased in PLC Connex

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Methods of delivery of parts purchased in PLC Connex

WE deliver spare parts for customers from Europe, North and South America, Asia. Africa and even Australia. Our partner in Logistics is UPS and DHL. Their international network and lead time make it possible to ship parts to 220 countries of the world. Please visit our carriers’ websites to find out more about deliveries.


At an express request of our business partners we may use other carrier, if this solution is more favourable to our customer.

The lead time (including delivery on the next day) is included in proforma invoices/quotations.

After a product leaves pour warehouse, we send an email containing a bill of landing number and carrier’s name.

  1. Any costs connected with transport of goods shall be borne by the customer, including, but not limited, to costs of release and collection of goods, measuring and weighing, packaging, insurance for the period of transport and shipping costs.
  2. If a customer has reserved the right to set a due date and place of release of goods and any delays are admitted due to marking, which makes PLC Connex unable to ship goods within 7 days from notification of readiness for shipment, PLC Connex may, without setting an additional due date, demand that the obligation should be fulfilled and any damage resulting from the delay should be repaired.
  3. PLC Connex will not be liable for any delay in delivery of goods, if:
    1. it was caused by absence of necessary data that are significant for shipment of the goods;
    2. it was caused by a force majeure event;
    3. it does not exceed three months from the delivery due date indicated in an order confirmation.
  4. Collecting goods delivered by a carrier (courier), a customer is obliged to inspect, within normal manner and customary time, whether the delivered goods are in proper condition and agreed quantity and confirm acceptance of the goods, and, if there are any defects in quantity or quality, indicate the same in a protocol of acceptance signed by the customer and carrier. In absence of a protocol prepared as indicated in the preceding sentence, PLC Connex will be released from any liability for any shortages/defects of goods/transport, unless provisions of the current law provide otherwise. PLC Connex will also be released from any liability for damage inflicted to the goods – despite preparation of the protocol of acceptance – to the extent provided for in provisions of law and, in particular, to the extent, in which the carrier is responsible for the damage.

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